Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Un Limón Gigante!

I really do believe that I love limón more than the average person. I mean, lime/lemon/limón are all sooo great and they pair well with almost everything! They are usually one of the ingredients of many dishes found around the world, and it is rare to find a dish were limon is the star; but today this is the case!

Our good friend Andy has a tree living in his front yard in Silverlake that grows the largest lemons I have ever seen. When he gave it to us, I was convinced it was a grapefruit because of its size, but he reassured me that it was indeed a lemon. I thought it was so awesome that I couldn't just use it as an ingredient for another dish, but make it thee main dish.

All I did was cut the segments out of this enormous limón, added some
Tajin (a good Lucas substitute for you true die-hard Lucas fiends like
me :D), and a little pepper. No mixed greens to make it a salad, no
Saladitos to make it a sour treat; just fresh lemon. Yes, it was a sour
feast, and yes, my face did twitch a little; but it was all worth it! This
gigantic limón did not go down in vain!

Another wonderful and satisfying LA grown limón!


  1. This looks like something out of those Guinness Books of World Records! Why not 10 pitchers of lemonade? o.O

  2. i thought about that, but it deserved to die with honor :D