Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Perfect Saturday... In East Los!

There is one area in all of Los Angeles that holds the best Mexican food in the whole city! My husband and I always find ourselves back in this area several times a month because the food proves time and time again to be so amazing. The perfect place to be on a Saturday afternoon is non other than beautiful EAST LOS ANGELES!

If you happen to find yourself on Whittier Boulevard, you have to stop at Chago's Ahogadas and have some Guadalajara style Tortas Ahogadas. It's a little messy, i know, but the homemade Bolillo, Chile de Arbol, and Cebolla Roja make the mess sooooo worth it! You won't be disapointed, just look up while you're there and you'll see that even Jesus gives his sign of approval! Yes, Jesus knows a good Torta when he sees one! :D

This hot mess of a picture is making my mouth water!

After eating at Chago's, we usually make our way over to El Mercado de Los Angeles on 1st Street, also known as El Mercadito la Primera. Here you will find the best Churros known to man! They are soo crispy and crunchy. No dowey nastiness in the middle. I am usually not a fan of the typical churro, and I've tried many, but this churro is different than the others. I guess you'll have to judge for yourself...

And, since you're at el Mercadito, you have to try all the endless amount of little bites or snacks available through all its little ally ways, such as the Limones Rellenos de Coco, Mangos Tiernos, y Elote en Vaso. The Nieve de Nuez y Nieve de Mango are must eats while you're there, which are sooo amazingly delicious! The Nieve de Nuez has little bits and pieces of walnuts, almonds, and pistachios in it's creamy base. The Nieve de Mango taste like a ripe and juicy mango in it's prime! There are so many options to choose from, but these are my fave. :D

If you happen to be cruisin' down Cesar Chavez/Brooklyn Avenue, look out for Raspados. There is no exact spot to find delicious Raspado joints on wheels, but I always manage to find the same guy around Antojitos Carmen between Soto and Mott Street. A Raspado always manages to hit the spot on a very hot summer afternoon in the city. The Raspado de Mango is another delicious find in the endless opportunities for good eats in East Los!

Another perfect day in this paradise we call LOS ANGELES! :D

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