Monday, August 2, 2010

Ate away July like a true LEO...

July has been pretty awesome to me. Not only is it my birthday month, but I was able to try a lot of awesome food! The city of Los Angeles never ceases to amaze me with it's culinary vastness. I went from Peruvian deliciousness to coastal Yucatan to Oaxacan favorites to Yucatan food found inland to Chinese hand pulled noodles and meat rolls to funky fruit yumminess to Spanish Empanadas to Oxtail to Deer Tacos...

I finally ate at Mo-Chica at Mercado La Paloma, and it was more than delicious. I almost jumped out of my seat to do a little happy dance! You know you're eating South American food when you are served Tostado as a starter. I grew up on Tostado, so that was a huge plus for me! If you love seafood as much as I do, be sure to try the Ceviche del Dia and the Causa del Dia. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the Agua de Chicha Morada!

While at Mercado la Paloma, we also tried some tacos and panuchos at Chichen-Itza. The Cochinita Pibil Panuchos are worth trying. I also had Tacos de Venado, but I couldn't stop thinking of the family of deer I see at work on a regular basis, or my familia dancing to "..el venado, el venado.." The ice cream at Oaxacalifornia is also located at Mercado la Paloma. Through their ice cream is more like snow cones, it was still a good way to end a really big lunch. I had the Nieve de Tuna and Nieve de Nuez! :D

Alhambra's promising good eats made me very happy too! Hand pulled noodles in an intense beef broth, beef rolls, and chilled seaweed salad can all be found at 101Noodle Express. Then move over to Phoenix Dessert for some delicious Mochi or Raspados con Mango. I also tried a dessert with the very funky Durian fruit, which takes some courage to eat, but it was pretty good once you get past the smell.. :D I think I grew some chest hairs...

This post is getting way too long, so I'll just fill you in on some bay area travel food tips and let you go on living yo life! July was a great month of delicious eating! :D

San Francisco also had some amazing food to offer us hungry travelers! If you happen to find yourself in the bay area on a Saturday, be sure to stop by the farmer's market at the ferry building. Primavera's Tostadas de Tinga were so good I could have eaten at least a five and then brought some back home to LA in my pocket! (not because I'm a pig or anything..)

Speaking of puerconess... Boccalone's Meat Cone is pretty tasty, but definitely share one with a friend. It seems like a few slices of fatty filled meat, but it became too much too quick!

I also had Oysters on the half shell at SF Fish Co. They were fairly priced at $1.50 because they were sooo big and delicious. All I needed was some Tapatio!

Then we headed over to the Mission Dolores district to try some homemade ice cream and enjoy some fun in the sun. The Bi-Rite Creamery is definitely a must eat in SF. I had Sam's Sundae, which is super chocolety chocolate ice cream with fruity iridescent extra virgin olive oil drizzled over and topped with coarse sea salt. I know it seems really weird, but trust me, it will make you want to slap someone's mamma! :D

I have to start taking pictures of my LA Eats!! I was a total tourist in SF so I had my camera handy. More LA food fotos to come! :D